How to Find Out Your Ring Size

Looking to honor your Celtic heritage with a Claddagh ring? You can find great deals on a wide range of Claddagh ring styles online, but with online shopping can come uncertainty about what size ring to buy. So how do find out your ring size without visiting a jeweler or going through the hassle of visiting a store to try on jewelry? Our team of experts has created this handy guide on how to find out your ring size to make measuring your finger quick and easy.

Choosing the Time to Measure

Your finger probably looks the same to you at any time of day and in all types of weather, but in all actuality, the size of your finger can change a lot over the course of the day and in response to the environment. Like all types of matter, your skin and tissue constrict or shrink in response to cold temperatures, making your finger smaller. In addition, your finger gradually swells throughout the day due to fluid retention.

When you’re trying to determine your ring size, you want to be sure that you measure your finger when it’s at its largest. This means that you should warm your hands up prior to measuring and conduct your sizing in the evening as opposed to in the morning. If you’re a woman, the best time of the month to measure is the week before your menstrual period is due when your body is likely to retain the most fluid. For men, the time of the month does not typically matter.

The Simplest Technique for Finding Ring Size

To measure your ring size, start by creating a measuring tool. You can do this easily by trimming a thick sheet of paper into a strip that measures 3/4 inches in width by at least 4 inches in length. Using a marker or a dark pen, make a large X on one end of the strip. Wrap the paper around the finger upon which you intend to wear your Claddagh ring, placing the end with the X against your skin first. Don’t make the circle too tight, but be sure that there are no gaps between the paper and your skin.

Use your marker or pen to make a second mark at the precise spot where the paper overlaps. Some people find that it’s helpful to have a friend or family member make the mark. Once you have a second mark, flatten out the paper beside a ruler and find out the distance between the end of the strip and the overlap mark. Use this drop down box calculator to convert the circumference measurement to your standard ring size.

Shopping Smart

Once you have your ring size, you’re ready to begin shopping, but it’s important to be savvy as you search for Claddagh rings. Look for stores that offer exchanges or returns if your ring doesn’t fit properly, just in case there was an error in your measurement. In addition, you’ll likely need to round up to the next biggest ring size in the event that your measurement is a fraction. Jewelers will carry Claddagh rings in whole number sizes, and some also have half-sized rings available.

Now, you know the ins and outs of how to find out your ring size, so you’re ready to get shopping for the perfect Claddagh ring style.