How to Wear a Claddagh Ring as a Promise Ring

Promise rings are increasing in popularity as more couples decide to postpone the decision to get married until they finish college or start their careers. In addition, promise rings are now being exchanged by young couples to signify a commitment to wait until marriage to have sexual intercourse. For those of Celtic descent, a Claddagh ring makes a beautiful and symbolic ring to give as a promise ring.

But how should you wear a Claddagh ring if it’s a promise ring? Read on to find out!

The Claddagh Tradition

As the Irish website Pot O’Gold explains, the Claddagh ring was originally worn as a symbol of a woman’s marital status. When worn on the left hand with the heart pointed outward, a woman was single. When she began to date someone exclusively, she would turn the heart inward toward her heart. After a man proposed marriage, the woman would move the ring to her left hand with the point of the heart facing outward. Once the marriage vows were exchanged, she would turn the ring to face her heart.

Ways to Wear Promise Rings

Often times, promise rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand and then are replaced with an engagement ring once a man formally proposes. Some women may choose to wear the promise ring on their right hands to avoid having friends and family mistake the ring for a formal engagement ring. If a woman already wears another ring, like a class ring, she may opt to wear the ring on a different finger than her ring finger.

Choosing the Hand and Direction

By combining the traditions surrounding the two types of rings, you can come up with a number of options for ways to wear a Claddagh as a promise ring. Here are a few ideas:

  • Wear the promise ring on the ring finger of your right hand facing your heart to show that you are committed to someone.
  • Place the promise ring on your left ring finger with the heart facing out to show that you are engaged to be engaged.
  • Select a different finger on the left hand and wear the Claddagh facing you to signify that you are committed to your significant other, yet not engaged.
  • Choose a different finger on your right hand and wear the Claddagh with the point facing your heart.

The most important thing to remember about wearing a Claddagh ring as a promise ring is that its position should be significant to you. There’s no one hard and fast rule that dictates where you must wear the ring, so you can choose what is most fitting and most comfortable for you.