Meaning of Stone Colors in Claddagh Rings

Claddagh rings are available in a wide array of styles to suit every person’s taste, and some even include genuine or synthetic gemstones that add to their beauty. Many people wonder if there is a particular meaning to the appearance of a Claddagh ring with a gemstone beyond the one related to the ring itself that comes from the history of the Claddagh ring. The earliest Claddagh rings did not contain any type of stones, according to the blog Irish Fireside, so any meanings associated with the gem color would be a modern convention.

Some common gemstones used in Claddagh rings and their meanings include:


The green color of the emerald can reference the nickname of Ireland, which is the Emerald Isle. In addition, emeralds symbolize the birth month of May and the Cancer zodiac sign as well as faithfulness and hope.


A diamond in a Claddagh ring can symbolize an engagement to be married. It is also the birthstone for April and the Aires zodiac sign. Diamonds are also symbolic of innocence.


As a birthstone, the amethyst represents February and the Pisces zodiac sign. The gem is also associated with wisdom.


Sapphires are thought to be related to destiny and to attract good fortune to the wearer. The gemstone is the birthstone that symbolizes September and the Taurus zodiac sign.


Symbolic of happiness, joy and luck, citrines have a sunny orange to yellow color. The citrine is sometimes used as an alternate to topaz as a November gemstone.


The birthstone of February and the Aquarius zodiac sign, garnets are symbolic of love, purity and compassion.


An alternate symbol for Ireland because of its green color, the peridot is the birthstone for September and the Libra zodiac sign. The ring was once worn by clergymen as a symbol of chastity, making the ring a popular choice for Claddagh purity rings.


The red ruby is the birthstone for July and the Capricorn zodiac sign. Vitality, royalty and love are all embodied by the ruby.

When shopping for a Claddagh ring, you don’t need to choose a ring only based on its symbolism. It’s perfectly acceptable to purchase a ring with a stone color that you like, even if it’s not your birthstone. The most important thing is that the Claddagh ring is beautiful to you and that you enjoy wearing it.