Mens Claddagh Rings

Mens Claddagh rings are great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day and the winter holidays. Many men are now using Claddagh rings as wedding rings as well. If you’re shopping for a ring for your father, brother, uncle, husband, friend or fiancé, you’ll find the finest selection of styles right here at Claddagh Rings Catalog. Our collection features styles drawn from the inventories of 20 of the best jewelers on the web. Each one is made from fine quality precious metals and features stylish details. Find the perfect gift that you’ve been searching for by exploring our collection of Claddagh rings for men.

Are Claddagh Bands for Men?

With numerous individuals around the world being able to claim Irish ancestry, it is little wonder that a lot of these people like to admire their heritage. In addition to celebrating Irish vacations as well as providing their kids Irish names, they often choose to wear apparel, fashion jewelry, and other devices that reference their domestic link to Ireland. Amongst one of the most prominent accessories, the Claddagh ring appreciates a lengthy history that dates back to the 1700s because nation. While numerous ladies, both of Irish descent as well as those whose origins stemmed elsewhere, wear these rings as memento symbols or perhaps wedding rings, the inquiry lingers about whether guys can put on such jewelry. At Claddagh Design, our team believe that the sentiment expressed in the Claddagh signs– Love Loyaly & Friendship very much applies to both sexes and they most certainly could use their Claddagh Ring with pride!

If you’re like many men, then your wedding event band will certainly be one of the few items of precious jewelry you ever before wear. As strong as the lure might be to simply get the initial one you see and call it a day (after all, you simply invested the past 6 months picking your bride-to-be’s ring), placing a bit much more consideration right into the issue will award you with a far better end result.

There are two types of Claddagh Bands for men: the traditional Claddagh ring that can be used with its crowned heart dealing with in either instructions (exterior if you are “looking”, internal if you are “taken”, in addition to a Claddagh wedding celebration band that has a classic wedding-band style, etched with the symbols of the Claddagh. Males have been putting on Claddagh rings for generations, even JFK, Jr. was recognized to use one to recognize his Irish heritage: Bono has actually also been photographed using a traditional Claddagh design. The wedding bands are subtler in feel, with ornate craftsmanship that draws the eye.