Types of Claddagh Ring: 5 Ways to Show Your Celtic Pride

Claddagh rings are beautiful ways to honor your Scottish or Irish roots. Many people are surprised to find out just how many styles of Claddagh rings that are available when they begin to shop, and they may feel overwhelmed as a result. To help make shopping a little easier, we’ve put together this list of five of the most popular Claddagh ring styles.

The Emerald Claddagh

As The USA Today explains, Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle because of its lush green landscapes. Claddagh rings that bear an emerald gemstone are very symbolic of the country and are an incredibly popular and beautiful choice when you’re shopping for a ring.

The Engagement Claddagh

Engagement Claddagh is a ring that includes a diamond makes for a stunning engagement ring. The diamond can be set in a yellow gold, white gold or platinum setting.

The Claddagh Band

The Claddagh band is a unique style that is popular for everyday wear and for use as wedding bands. The band styles differ from ordinary Claddagh rings, which usually have the Celtic symbol carved out of the precious metal. In the band style, the precious metal is formed into a solid, simple band, into which the Claddagh symbol has been engraved.

The Birthstone Claddagh

Choosing a Claddagh ring with a birthstone gemstone in the heart area or in the crown area of the symbol is a wonderful way to make the piece of jewelry more personal.

The Personalized Claddagh

Some Claddagh rings have room for engraving inside of the band. The area can be personalized with a single name or the names of a couple.

If you’re purchasing a Claddagh ring as a gift and are concerned about the style of the ring, be sure to check out the return and exchange policy of your jeweler. Often times, jewelers are willing to exchange a ring if the recipient is not satisfied with the style that you picked; however, you may need to return the ring within a certain period of time. By being aware of the return policy before you buy, you’ll have an easy time exchanging the ring in the unlikely event that the recipient would like a different style.