When Should I Give Her a Claddagh Ring?

If you’re a lucky lad who’s dating an Irish lass or you’re of Irish descent yourself, a Claddagh ring can be a wonderful way to show her how you feel. Many guys in your situation find themselves wondering if there’s a certain point in a relationship when it’s most appropriate to give her a Claddagh ring. There is no rule or tradition concerning when you can give a woman a piece of Claddagh jewelry. You should base your decision on what meaning the ring will have:

Symbol of Commitment

Some couples like to exchange rings when they begin to date exclusively, and a Claddagh ring is perfect for this purpose. As C. Austin explains, the ring was originally worn by women on the right hand with the tip of the heart facing their hand once they began to seriously court someone. You can give her a Claddagh commitment ring at any point once you have agreed not to see other people.

Promise Ring

Claddagh rings can make for beautiful promise rings. Like commitment rings, promise rings should be given once you have established the exclusivity of your relationship and had some discussions about your future together.

Purity Ring

Because the Claddagh stands for fidelity and love, many couples use them for purity rings. Once you and your girlfriend have affirmed your commitment not to have intercourse until marriage, you can present her with a Claddagh purity ring to show that you respect her boundaries.

Engagement Ring

Claddagh rings are often used as engagement rings. Deciding when to pop the question is a personal decision that you’ll need to make based on your readiness to make a lifelong commitment to your girlfriend. Many couples are together for at least a year before they become engaged, but every relationship is different.

Ultimately, only you can decide when the time is right to give her a Claddagh ring, regardless of its meaning. Search your heart and think the matter over carefully to choose the best possible time.